How to Organize a PUBG Mobile LAN Tournament in Nepal

Wiser Esports is one of the best gaming production companies in Nepal that has organized several successful PUBG Mobile LAN tournaments in the country. You can contact Wiser Esports to organize online or offline tournament in Nepal. If you are interested in organizing a PUBG Mobile LAN tournament in Nepal, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Step 1: Plan and Prepare

The first step in organizing a PUBG Mobile LAN tournament is to plan and prepare. You need to decide on the format of the tournament, the rules and regulations, the venue, the date and time, and the prizes. Make sure to also arrange for the necessary equipment and infrastructure, such as gaming PCs, LAN cables, switches, and power sockets.

Step 2: Promote the Tournament

Once you have planned and prepared for the tournament, the next step is to promote it. You can promote the tournament through social media, online forums, and gaming communities. You can also reach out to gaming influencers and popular PUBG Mobile players in Nepal to help promote the tournament.

Step 3: Register Participants

After promoting the tournament, you need to register participants. You can either charge a registration fee or allow free registration, depending on the prize pool and sponsorship. Make sure to also verify the identity and age of participants to avoid any cheating or misconduct during the tournament.

Step 4: Conduct the Tournament

On the day of the tournament, make sure to arrive early and set up the venue and equipment. You also need to brief the participants on the rules and regulations and conduct a practice round to ensure that all the equipment and software are working properly. Then, start the tournament and make sure to keep track of the scores and progress of each match.

Step 5: Award the Prizes

Once the tournament is over, it’s time to award the prizes. You can award the prizes on the same day or arrange for a separate ceremony. Make sure to also take photos and videos of the winners and share them on social media to promote your tournament and attract more participants for your next event.

In conclusion, organizing a PUBG Mobile LAN tournament in Nepal can be a challenging but rewarding experience. By following these steps and working with a professional and experienced gaming production company like Wiser Esports, you can ensure a successful and enjoyable event for all participants and spectators. Good luck!


  1. What equipment do I need to organize a PUBG Mobile LAN tournament?
  • You will need gaming PCs, LAN cables, switches, power sockets, and a stable internet connection.
  1. Can I organize a PUBG Mobile LAN tournament without a gaming production company?
  • Yes, but it will require more effort and expertise in organizing and conducting the tournament.
  1. How can I attract sponsors for my PUBG Mobile LAN tournament?
  • You can reach out to gaming and technology companies, local businesses, and community organizations.
  1. How can I prevent cheating during the tournament?
  • You can verify the identity and age of participants, monitor the matches, and disqualify any players who violate the rules and regulations.
  1. How can I ensure a fair and enjoyable tournament experience for all participants?
  • You can provide clear rules and regulations, offer attractive prizes, and provide a friendly and supportive environment for all players.

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