Valorant Esports in Nepal is Growing

esports in nepal

You already know the Esports scene in Nepal is booming widely because of PUBG Mobile and a few other mobile games, as DRS Gaming secured #2 in PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022. With this, every single person from Nepal is a bit more known about the Esports scene in Nepal. When you say I play PUBG Mobile, the other one will question you back with “That 3 crore winning team? Are you one of them?”. You can already guess the future of Esports here in Nepal.

But Nepali audiences and Nepali gamers tend to play and watch PUBG Mobile on PC rather than Valorant or any other PC games. This thing is very bad in developing countries like Nepal. Esports should not only be carried out with just one game. There are a lot of things we need to fix to solve this problem, The very first one is to try to not focus on just one game, but rather try, or if you do not have access to a PC to try the game you can support your favorite creator or community that plays or supports PC gaming community.

As a streamer myself, I have seen lots of my PC gamer friends who stream PC Games like Valorant, CS: GO, or any other PC games that do not have a good audience here, They are leaving such kind of gameplay just because of frustration of the community that does not understand the gaming market. It’s a big loss when you see yourself as a content creator or gamer in Nepal.

Apart from the above issues, the PC Gaming or let’s say Valorant Esports or Valorant players in Nepal is increasing as PUBG Mobile content creators are also promoting Valorant in their live streams. Gaming PCs are getting cheaper and more affordable these days, so people now have access to a decent gaming laptop or PC to play games on. International Valorant market is also influencing youngers of Nepal to at least try such games.

To address these eSports challenges in Nepal, Wiser Esports is organizing various eSports tournaments and actively working to promote the eSports industry in the country. Whether you’re a gamer, streamer, or aspiring pro player, you can always consider becoming an eSports player for the game you love because organizations like Wiser Esports are committed to promoting gamers in Nepal.

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